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Pokeball Pillow (Pokemon)

Pokemon logoFor Christmas I made a gift for a young Pokémon lover.  I have no idea what kind of Pokémon stuff he already has, and I know very little about the whole thing (what’s cool, what’s not, etc.), so I decided my best bet at not giving him something he already has was to make something myself.  So, I looked up pictures and found that the Pokeball has a simple design that would require colors of fabric that I already had on hand.

The Pokeball has a simple design and plain colors.

If you don’t know how to make a circle pillow, it’s pretty easy to learn and try it yourself.  For a normal circle pillow that uses just one fabric, cut two circles the same size (an easy way can be to trace a large bowl to the size you want, plus a seam allowance) then put them with the fronts facing each other (some fabrics don’t really have a front and back, but some do), and sew most of the way around.  Then turn the fabric right side out and stuff it with fluff through the opening that was left.  Once you have it as puffy as you like, sew the open end together by hand.  Here is a tutorial about how to do that.

For this project, I made a simple circle pillow with white fabric.  Then I made the cover to put it in.  That way the pillow would be strong and none of the fluff would be trying to sneak out of the seams of the design.  I made two half pillows (one red and one white) and sewed them together for the cover.  The rest I just sewed right on top.  I used some scraps of white felt for the circles in the middle, a scrap I had left of black fabric for the circle behind those, and a brand new black shoelace (kids’ shoes often come with two sets in different colors, and I figured my little girl will be long grown out of her shoes before she considers changing the laces to black).  So there you go.

Finished Pokeball Pillow

Turns out the little guy’s parents didn’t even realize his new Pokeball pillow was homemade.  Mission accomplished!


2 comments on “Pokeball Pillow (Pokemon)

  1. annavfashion
    February 5, 2014

    Great job!

  2. vjstracener
    March 17, 2014

    My sister would love that! Looks great.

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