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Mike Wazowski Pillow basic pattern

I created a pattern for the Mike Wazowski pillow I made.  I couldn’t find any patterns online, so I just invented this one and I hope it can be helpful to anyone else looking for a pattern.  It’s quite simple, and I think it turned out pretty cool.

Here’s a picture of my pattern pieces.  I did not include a seam allowance on my drawings, so be sure to leave space for that when you are cutting the shapes out of your fabric.

Pattern pieces for Mike Wazowski pillow doll.

To give you an idea of the sizes, I laid them on a regular sheet of printer paper (8.5″ x 11″).  One yard of green fabric worked out perfectly for me.  Not shown here is a large circle I cut 2 of for the main body.  I just traced the top of one of my kitchen mixing bowls to get a good circle.  As you can see, however, the finished Mike is not the round circle I expected it to be.  But he still looks great!  So don’t worry, perfection isn’t important.

Mike Wazowski pillow

I know this is not a great tutorial, so let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!


2 comments on “Mike Wazowski Pillow basic pattern

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  2. Anna Virginia
    October 10, 2013

    So cute!

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