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Halloween and Stuffed Creature Fun

Boo and Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.The one thing I love about Halloween is dressing my kids up!  I hope they don’t grow up too fast and start having their own opinions about what to wear. ;P  Anyway, this year I want my little girl to be Boo from Monsters Inc.  She has the perfect hair color and she’s just the right age, so I went to the thrift store to find a pink T-shirt.  I found the perfect thing and tried it on her, even doing her hair up in pig tails.  It was SO cute and fun, she looks exactly like Boo.  But I love accessorizing costumes to make them just right, and for her I wanted to make a Mike Wazowski pillow that she can carry around.  Everyone will know exactly who she is.

So I searched online for any patterns and found nothing.  Well, time to start inventing!  I made my own pattern and it turned out pretty simple.  Here are my pattern drawings for anyone who wants to copy them or get some of their own idea juices flowing.  To give you an idea of the size, I cut all the pieces out of a regular 8 1/2′ by 11″ sheet of printer paper.  For the main body, I just made a circle pillow using one of my mixing bowls to get the shape right and kind of guessed at how big it should be.  I love how it turned out!

I used stuffing from old pillows I’ve stored away and cut out a circle from white fleece fabric I already had to make the eye.  Anyone who knows how to embroider will probably know best how to do the eye and the mouth, but I just did a lot of sewing by hand, in and out, until I felt it looked right.

Here’s the finished Mike and my little Boo!

Mike Wazowski pillow

my little Boo and her new friend Mike Wazowski.

Now, once my little girl had a new toy, I knew my boy would be wanting one too, so I had to think of something else I could make specifically for him.  Then it dawned on me that I’ve been wanting to make him into Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon ever since I first saw the movie, and this might be just the time to make him a stuffed dragon that looks like Toothless.  So, I didn’t even bother looking for a pattern this time.  I just got some pictures of Toothless and started drawing.

Toothless and Hiccup from How to Train Your DragonI made Mike Wazowski more like a pillow my little girl can decorate her bed with even when Halloween is over and even when she gets a little older; but Toothless was definitely not the kind of character I wanted to make a pillow out of.  He definitely just needed to be a stuffed animal.  With that in mind, and his pattern being somewhat more complicated, I had to cut out of my wishes some of the details and simplify where I could.  I decided to just focus on the main things that would get the right idea across.  That included the shape of his head and body, a tail with one black fin and one brown (like the leather one Hiccup makes for him), wings (of course), and then the horn/ear-like things that frame his face.  I realized that those horns were going to end up kind of small, so I didn’t make as many as he really has, and just focused on the ones that stand out the most — the four on top.  Also, I liked how Mike’s feet turned out, but realized I was just going to have to do simple shapes for Toothless’ feet and forget about trying to include his claws.  After all that was decided, here were my pattern pieces.

The fabric I used for Toothless was actually kind of different and kind of difficult, but it turned out really awesome.  A few years back I bought my husband a cover for the driver’s seat of our car.  Unfortunately, it was pretty weak and started getting runs and tears pretty quickly.  Since it had a Superman logo on it, I stashed it away thinking I might make something out of it later using that logo.  But this project turned up and it was the perfect thing for Toothless.  It has a stretchy, slick black fabric on the outside and a thin layer of gray foam on the inside.  That made it perfect for the wings and tail fins because I didn’t have to use any stuffing and they have just the right stiffness without being too fat or too floppy.  Anyway, if you can find something like that, I say give it a try.  The sad thing about the fabric was that it didn’t work on my sewing machine, so I had to hand-stitch the whole dragon (which means I’m just hoping it isn’t completely falling apart by Halloween).  For the brown tail fin, I just covered what I had cut out of the black fabric with a piece of a brown t-shirt I had among my fabrics and used brown thread for that part.

So here’s the finished dragon and my little Hiccup!

Toothless the stuffed toy dragon

My little Hiccup and his new little Toothless.

I made the eyes out of scraps of the green fabric I used for mike and some more of the white fleece.  Again, someone who embroiders will know the best way to make the eyes.  All the same, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Hopefully it survives the love of my children long enough to be appreciated! 🙂


One comment on “Halloween and Stuffed Creature Fun

  1. Anna Virginia
    October 10, 2013

    This is awesome! My girl was “Boo,” too! In fact, if those purple pants are hand-me-downs, they are probably the ones mine wore when she was Boo. And that’s why I bought them! Love the accessories for their costumes! I gotta finish my kids and post about them, too!

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