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Meal Planning – Part 2 (For the Non-Cook Who Still Wants Homemade Family Meals)

Family Meal TimesJust a brief update on my progress in making meals that I can freeze for later.  I want to freeze foods we already eat all the time, because then I know we will like them and I won’t have to cook everyday.
My first question was on freezing rice.  I did an Internet search for freezing rice and found some mixed ideas on how best to do it.  One encouraging thing I read was that most people liked the rice after reheating it from frozen better than when it was reheated from the fridge.  I did one brief experiment and wasn’t so satisfied with the results.  My reheated-from-frozen rice was just as dry as my reheated-from-cold rice, even with adding some water before microwaving it.
I’m not sure what to change, but for now I will just stick with my rice cooker and try not to end up with leftovers.  In the meantime, I plan on trying some of our other favorites to see how they fare with being frozen and then reheated.  My next question is on breads.  If I have a bread-type meal, is it best to freeze the dough uncooked, like they do with frozen pizzas you can buy at the store?  Or does cooked bread turn out about the same after it is frozen and then reheated, like the bagels I sometimes freeze so they won’t go bad before I eat them, since I like to heat them before eating them anyway?
I’ll be back again later with more of my findings.

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