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Graduation Cupcakes and DIY Cupcake Display

Recently my brother-in-law graduated with his bachelor’s degree and we all got together to throw him a party. I had seen these cute cupcakes on Pinterest and decided it would be way fun to make those for the party. I followed the directions pretty closely and ended up with a very similar look. (School colors just happen to be blue and white, too.) One thing I did a little different was I used rainbow Twizzlers for the tassels. I cut the Twizzler open and then cut it in strips. From those I split the ends to make it look tassel-like. I used about 4 Twizzlers for 24 cupcakes.

One warning to anyone attempting the same thing: don’t use carmel filled chocolate squares because some of them are already cracked and leaking when you open them, and others crack and leak after you put them on the cupcake. It would have been better for me to use solid chocolate squares instead. Also, they say to refrigerate the Reese’s before opening them. I did that and didn’t have any problems with getting the wrappers off.

Then I used some ideas I had seen other people use, and built my own display.  I have a glass cake stand and my parents have wine glasses.  They also had a fancy plastic large platter.  So, with the platter on bottom, my cake stand in the middle, and the wine glass upside down on top, it turned out to be a fancy-looking display for the cupcakes.  And everyone loved them.


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