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Meal Planning – Part 1 (For The Non-Cook Who Still Wants Homemade Family Meals)

I am not a cook. I don’t enjoy spending time figuring out what meals to create and hoping I have all the ingredients. I don’t love standing at the counter in the kitchen putting things together, getting dishes dirty, and in general making messes that I will be too tired to clean up later. Lucky for me, I have the most amazing husband who always cleans up behind me when I do spend time concocting in the kitchen.

What I do love is family mealtimes. I also love home-cooked meals. And I have some recipes that my family and I love to eat that can’t be found anywhere but at home. So, here’s my new idea: meal planning! Genius, isn’t it? 😉

But I owe my new idea to another blogger who shared how she has organized her family dinners into what she calls an OAMC meal schedule. OAMC stands for “once a month cooking” and that’s what really caught my eye! On top of that, though, I like the simplicity of reheating pre-made meals and how any leftovers automatically have a location and a label in the freezer. That hopefully means we will not end up with those moldy containers of unlabeled stuff at the back of the fridge just begging to be thrown away.

I am actually looking forward more to the planning than the executing of this idea, but hopefully once I have everything organized on paper, I’ll be excited to put it into action.

Probably the best place to start is by gathering my family’s favorite recipes together and deciding which ones can be frozen. Since this whole thing is new to me, I don’t enjoy cooking, and my family is still pretty small, I will try to ease into it by maybe attempting a couple of meals at a time. This could also be helpful in determining what will or will not work in the freezer without wasting too much time, effort, or food.

My first question concerns rice. Does cooked rice freeze very well? I know even when it is kept in the fridge one day in a good container it turns out pretty dry once it is reheated. Time to start researching!

I’ll be back later with the information I find.


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This entry was posted on May 11, 2012 by in Crafty inspirations and Future Plans.
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