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DIY Toothbrush Holder

A brief blog on a quick project.

A few months ago I realized with our growing family, my bathroom needed a new location for toothbrushes.   We used to have them in the little medicine cabinet under the mirror, but now we have two children with teeth and new little toothbrushes, and not enough space for all of them.  So I started looking at some ideas.

I’m pretty frugal and didn’t really want to go out and buy a cheap toothbrush holder that later might not match the style of bathroom I want.  I also didn’t want to go all out and get a full set with soap dish and cup, etcetera, when I really only needed a place for the toothbrushes.  I ran into a picture online of a set of makeup brushes and such being kept in a glass container with beans.

I thought: why not do the same with toothbrushes?  I had all the supplies on hand, so I assembled them, added a little color and ta da!  We now have a cute and handy place for all the toothbrushes, and we won’t need to buy anything new as more children add more brushes!   On the ribbon I tied around the vase, I wrote “His” on one side and “Hers” on the other to help us keep track of who owns which brush.


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