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Mail Organizer (Tutorial)

Do you have one of those places in your home where everything gets piled up every time someone comes home? I do. In my little apartment there is no real possibility for creating a mudroom or doing anything expensive or fancy to solve this problem, so I thought about what some of the standard items are that always seem to pile up. My least favorite of them all definitely had to be the mail.

Other items like coats, gloves, shoes, keys, and bags already had their hooks and cubbies, it was just a matter of taking the moment to put them away instead of leaving them in the pile spot. But mail? This was something that needed to be sorted through, some of which would go directly to recycling, others would sit on the desk for a few days until they were taken care of and filed away, and some of it needed a place to sit where it could easily be found and used until the expiration date, and then it could be discarded. Aha! Sounds like a project!

I looked through google images of “mail organizers” to get an idea of what was out there. I determined that what I needed would have to look pretty because of its planned location, it would sit on a flat surface and not hang on a wall, and I would need spaces for weekly ads, today’s mail, coupons, outgoing mail, and mail that needed to be read/payed/or otherwise taken care of before going to the file cabinet.

So I drew up a little design of what I wanted and pulled out some supplies. Here are the details for anyone interested in making their own similar mail organizer.

Sturdy cardboard
Box cutter
Pen or pencil
A letter for measuring
Hot glue
Decorative paper
Duct tape or other tape to be used as a border

Then I eyed how tall I wanted the dividers in the middle and started cutting.

Using a standard size envelope, I measured the minimum width I wanted for the compartments in the middle section and drew some lines.  Then I measured how tall I wanted the dividers and started cutting.

I used the pieces I had cut so far to outline the shape of the bottom piece.  If you do this, I suggest you mark where the dividers will be glued using a dotted line or make it somehow obviously different from the outline you will be cutting on.  Even though I thought I was paying attention, by the time I got around to the front, I discovered I was cutting one of my “don’t cut this” lines, and I had to make up for it later with a lot of glue and some extra covering to make sure it would still be sturdy.

Then I moved over to my hot glue station and started assembling.

After it was all assembled, I got right down to making it look pretty.  My inspiration for decorating it actually came from a Kleenex box.

I used a piece of the box and then some pastel colored printer paper to get it all just right.  Lastly, I bought some white Duck Tape to clean up the raw edges and make a neat border.  Here’s the finished product, already in use!  Even my husband has told me how handy it is to know where to put the mail and find the coupons!


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